My Weekend

So, Friday started off with my second session of the Dermaplanning and Chemical Peel skin treatment, which I do through Skinsational Medical Aesthetics in Fourways. As mentioned before, the aim being to even out my facial skin tone with the rest of my body. I have to say that the treatment seems to be working so far, I was worried that it wouldn’t, since I’m always out in the sun…well, it’s always been the case for me anyway – spend the whole day out in the sun and come back way darker than I left home😏. So, check this out…I think there’s very little difference, meaning the treatment is working. I do see the glow on my skin after my session… What do you think?.. PS: the photos have not been edited…

First treatment last month
Second treatment this past Friday

Generally, African people don’t use block, I never even believed it worked until now. I was concerned that with the unwanted skin scraped off, my skin would be more sensitive and burn easily. My Skin Therapist told me that as long as I use sun block, suggested one with SPF-50, I would be ok. Guys, I didn’t even care to know there are different SPF levels!!! I reluctantly purchased it – it doesn’t really come cheap😕. I settled for Eucerin as it controls oil as well so that’s what I’ve been using since I started this journey last month…over and above the face wash & face cream my Skin Therapist suggested. My word, I now have a Skin Therapist…that is SUPER COOL😎!!! When I bought it, I thought to myself “it better not disappoint me since it doesn’t come cheap”. I can safely confirm, it works! USE SUN BLOCK IF YOU CARE FOR YOUR SKIN… make or female!!!

My Saturday started very early, it was supposed to be a Rock Climbing morning but due to some equipment issues, we settled for a hike at Kings Kloof Hiking Trails, in Krugersdorp. I usually prefer starting early, around 6 – 6.30am, especially when it’s hot but because we were a larger group this time, people coming from different parts of Johannesburg, we started at exactly 8:22am and we decided to take the 10km trail.

That trail is a bit boring in the beginning, and then BOOM! There’s this beatiful stream, I don’t really know where it comes from or leads to. But we just had to stop for some snaps.

Then we carried on again…and then BOOOOOMMM!!! A beautiful waterfall. We came prepared this time (first time we didn’t know about it and wished we’d brought our swim suits) and had our swim suits on underneath our hiking clothes. So we went right in, aiming for that beautiful waterfall. The water was ice cold🥶🥶🥶, felt like small needles pricking into my skin…but nooo, we want to take pictures…we won’t die mos💁🏾‍♀️🙃. You have to admit it was worth it!

After about an hour of enjoying the waterfall, we got dressed and carried on, we had about 2 km’s left to cover and all we just wanted was to reach the finish line. Plus, we were now chasing to be on time for our next activity. Some went home to change but some, like me, are ever ready! We had packed our changing clothes and went straight to the venue for our next activity. We arrived at Beverly Hills Grillhouse just after one, straight to the bathrooms to freshen up and change and the kizomba Spring fling party began. The original idea was just to have a small gathering with friends, play some kizomba and dance…but hey life happened. I don’t know about others but I had a ball…yho! Just as the party was heating up, neighbours complained about noise. We had totally forgotten that we are still under lockdown regulations🤦🏾‍♀️. Some of us delayed going home but eventually we had to…

Thank you to Ali, the restaurant owner whom I have gotten close to during lockdown, for allowing us to have this party at his restaurant. Very lively & friendly guy.

Ali, myself & Gersh

And Sunday…I’m keeping the Sunday activities to myself🙃🤐😁. But for lunch I took my son to The Kitchen-L’antico Giardino. It’s a very cosy restaurant situated in Lanseria. The place breathtakingly beautiful, peaceful with great food and great service! If you’re into finding and trying restaurants, you’ll absolutely love it!!!

It’s been another great weekend. Here’s to a beautiful, successful week ahead!!!

Jhb Denim bike city tour! 😎

We all lead stressful lives, especially now with Covid-19 disturbing our already disturbed lives, I think it’s important to be out there and live, whatever our interests may be…don’t you think so?

Anyway, since the previous Jhb City Tour we did about 2 weeks ago with 2 friends, more of my friends, especially from the dance community were quite keen to join us for the next tour and the idea of a themed cycle tour was very exciting – DENIM CYCLE TOUR – I think it’s pretty cool right?

So I had other friends as far as Pretoria wanting to join the tour , and since they didn’t want to drive…understandably so, I was more than happy to pick them up at the Sandton Gautrain station. But to my annoyance, they arrived late and I had to be a whole hour late for the breakfast get-together at Bertrand Cafe which I had suggested to everyone. I thought it’d be great to have breakfast as a group just before we head out to cycle especially since we all hadn’t seen each other since Covid-19 happened. But hey, I managed to have my breakfast despite the limited time left.

Everyone was on high spirits, MY KIND OF VIBE. There was just this happy vibe in Maboneng and if your spirits didn’t get lifted then, I swear nothing else would. We started cycling, quite a large group I must add, first stop at the new development just up the road on Fox Street called Jewel City. We stopped and took some snaps, the artwork there is simply amazing!

Then we headed to the Victoria Yards situated in Lorentzville…I bet you didn’t even know there’s a place called Lorentzville right?😅😅😅!!!

To our disappointment, we were not allowed in because some of us didn’t bring their masks. Like really💁🏾‍♀️? This is our new normal, who still goes around without a mask🤦🏾‍♀️? I can understand that some, like me, really struggle exercising with a mask as it really suffocates me but I always have it with me. But again it’s a lesson to always remind people to bring masks… Anyway, we would have enjoyed the craft urban farm which lines its winding paved pathways, with a span of everything from jewellery design and furniture-making to fashion, craft beer and baking. There are also other excellent food and drink options that are well worth the journey. Like fish and chips from The Fish and Chip Shop, a family run business that prides themselves on making the finest fish and chip takeaways which comes wrapped in paper and is just as good as anything you’ll get at the seaside. Kinda reminds me of Fish hoek, in Cape Town. Thereafter, we would have had some craft beer at Impi Brewing Co. But hey, this simply means that one must return there on their own right?

So off we cycled to the beautiful Rhodes Park, situated in Kensington. The park is very well maintained and quite peaceful. We took a break, sat down, mingled and had a light snack, took a few snaps and cycled back to Maboneng.

The ride back was a little difficult but manageable really, I think the sun contributed to it being a bit difficult…it was quite sunny yesterday🌞.

Arrived back in the buzzing streets of Maboneng and we sat down for an after party at Bertrand Cafe. We ate, we drank…then Bertrand, the owner, suggested that we play kizomba music, then the party really started!!! We were home. We danced on the streets of Maboneng and as I left at around 10/11pm, the party was still going even stronger. Like I said, my people party hard🍻💃🏾🕺🏿. It was such a happy day folks. I’m very happy.

Thank you Senzo, of We The Locals for organizing the tour. What I love about We The Locals is that they are full of life, full of fun. They love exploring as much as I do and incorporate a lot of fun along with it. Trips are packaged so that all you worry about is bringing yourself and having good fun. Follow them on all social media pages, along with Bertrand Cafe…you’re in for a treat. Trust.

Feel free to chat to me if you’re keen to join me on my next adventure. Everyone is welcome…just bring your fun bones with you. We don’t do moods and drama…ASSEBLIEF!

Happy Sunday to you all!!!

I guess I’m an Outdoorsy and a Green Panther then…

I recently learnt that someone who loves nature is called a Green Panther, sounds pretty cool right? Well, I find it pretty cool💁🏾‍♀️😎. I always referred to myself as an Outdoorsy.

I absolutely love being in nature. When in the presence of natural elements, I experience a deep sense of inner peace, calm and happiness. So quite often on weekends my son and I will take a drive to Harties or Muldersdrift or anywhere where we can find ourselves surrounded by beauty and nature and we have discovered quite a few favourite spots through our little escapes. During these moments, we really find time to talk about anything and everything and really bond.

On the other hand, I’m very active, I love participating in outdoor activities, total opposite of my son. He prefers just being outdoors, admiring and enjoying nature

I’ve had the opportunity to share some of these outdoor moments with some of my friends, and through these I’ve gotten to them even better. I’ve learnt to appreciate them even more as individually different as they are. I am all about meaningful relationships. I characterise a meaningful relationship as a relationship that is of personal significance, is healthy, caring and genuine. It’s with people who help me grow, support and encourage me. I’m grateful to be blessed with such, hoping they find me to be a good person and friend towards them too.

It is absolutely true that we meet people for a purpose, sometimes, some of those people will be in our lives for just a certain period and others will remain in our lives for a longer period and even a lifetime. I have learnt that meaningful relationships can build self-esteem and make us happy as a result. They can also lead to satisfying higher-level needs such as growth and development.

I can safely say, this weekend was one of those weekends where I got in touch with nature, reflected on being blessed with good people in my life and I got to form another beautiful bond, which led me to write this. I am truly grateful for each and every person who is making a positive impact in my life.

God Bless!!!

Style & Travel

If you’re into looking your best wherever you go, this is for you.

Can one be stylish when they travel?  I say yes!  It doesn’t matter if you’re on a camping weekend or weekend at the beach or a tour…you can always look stylish.  I always prefer the term “style” as opposed to “fashion”.  As Carolina Herrera once said, “Fashion Passes, but Style Remains”.  We’ll get to that topic in another blog.  Right now let’s focus on the topic at hand.

Fishing & Camping weekend at Bernallys Fishing Lodge, Magaliesburg
Early Morning Walk at Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge, Muldersdrift

“Image” is always the first thing people notice and they immediately draw a “certain” conclusion about us – and they also immediately determine whether to take you seriously or not.  I strongly believe that image influences the outcome of what we want from people, how we want to be viewed by others, it also influences whether people will agree to our requests, give us the job, contract, tender that we are looking for.  The same thing applies when one travels,  your image may make it easy for strangers to assist you with directions, etc.  But if you look sloppy, you might not be taken seriously…or worse, be mistaken for a…

Hout Bay beach, Cape Town
Hout Bay beach, Cape Town

It is important to make a good impression of yourself TO YOURSELF before going out to the world.  When you feel good about yourself, it reflects in how you will carry yourself out there! That is where STYLE comes in.

Summer Holiday – Aliwal North
Exploring Paris – Eiffel Tower

Style is technique, the art of dressing.  We all have a sense of style.  When we page through magazines, we all have different likes and dislikes…that’s our style, but we get it wrong sometimes by not knowing or by not being aware of our body shapes, what our style is, or we’re simply chasing after fashion trends. So it’s VERY important to know what works for your for body. THINK ABOUT YOUR SHAPE!?!! I can’t stress this enough. Our personality and the message your image is sending to the world is just as important.  If you don’t know and you’d like to know…I am also a qualified Image & Style Coach – hit me up! 😉

3 important things to pack:

  1. Pack wrinkle resistant clothes or a travel steam iron – depending on where you’re going.  If you’re going camping, best to pack wrinkle resistant clothes.  Creases on clothes not only make you look untidy but they also reflect in your pictures and mess up a good picture💁🏾‍♀️! I don’t know about you but I want to look my best and my pictures to look perfect👌🏾!
  2. Pack at least 3 styles of shoes.  Depending on your style of course.  Always try and stick to your style preference, that way you will ALWAYS feel good and comfortable. Yes, comfort is VERY important.  For one, I’m sooo not a flip flop person, I prefer flat summer sandals and I always pack a pair that will go with all my outfits.  But if you’re into flip flops, pack those flip flops along with one or 2 extra pairs of shoes…just in case…
  3. Pack either one pair of sunglasses that will go with all your outfits…or, if you’re like me, pack at least 3 pairs for each look…remember when you look good, you feel great!!!  And the same applies with earrings!  Don’t let anyone tell you you’re carrying more than what you need…DO YOU BOO & LOOK GREAT!!!
Boat Cruise in Amsterdam

Shot left to Parys with the coolest squad 😎

Last minute outings and trips are always the best! A friend sent me a whatsapp text last week Sunday suggesting a weekend away to Parys in celebration of her hubby… She went as far as detailing some of the activities we’d do. Of course I immediately got excited and started planning outfits, taking a day off on Friday at work. We’d been talking with my 2 hiking buddies about a trip after lockdown, just njeee uyaqonda, so this, of course was perfect timing especially since they’d be there too.

Come Friday…had a few stops to make, got my nails done then had my lunch at Bertrand Cafe in Maboneng, just to kickstart that weekend vibe. Rushed off after lunch to wait for my 2 brothers, who were going to pick me up. They arrived fashionably late, truly testing my patience but we made our grand entrance in Parys just in time to enjoy a braai that was already prepared. Our home for the weekend was Casacara Guest House, which is pretty decent with spacious rooms and quite homely.

Casacara Guest House

Didn’t we party that evening! Boy fun was had! We ate, drank and danced the night away. Met a few new friendly faces and we all just got on as if we’d known each other for a while.

We were woken up by a delicious smell of breakfast prepared from outside, fire and all and we all gathered to get the much needed energy for Saturday’s activities.

The first activity was supposed to be at 10am…but we are Africans mos, we go with African time so we postponed it to 2pm, or so we were told. So we decided to head to town and explore Parys.

We settled at a wine brewery, Hoi Polloi, for some nibbles and drinks.
And had some Fokofs🍺🍺🍺 amongst other drinks.

Next stop was a picnic by the Vaal river. Breathtaking beauty! We came across a suspension bridge which was built in 1919 over the Vaal river onto one of the islands. This island is today the Parys Country Club with a beautiful golf course.

Then it was time for some fun and adventure. We headed to the Parys adventure park for some quad biking and archery. All I can say is that what was my white outfit came back brown from dust…but who cares? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Activities done, we desperately needed to shower and get ready for dinner. Dinner was at O’s Restaurant. O’s is situated by the river…ahhh! Beautiful scenery but it was sooo cold we had to move inside the restaurant. The food was a definite 10/10!

We still had to abide by the lockdown rules and headed back to our home at 10pm where the party continued. I managed to stay up for about an hour and disappeared to get some sleep. I woke up the following morning to pictures and videos of the party and regretted going to sleep. I thought I had energy but hayi NO, my Parys buddies party real hard!!! I was consoled by that there was a surprise planned for us for the day, this surprise turned out to be lunch at Pont de Val…SAY WHAT??? DID I HEAR CORRECTLY? Ohhh yes, PONT DE VAL!!! I couldn’t contain my excitement as I’ve always wanted to go to Pont de Val but just never got the opportunity. If you love to explore beautiful venues, you HAVE to try this place. We only had time for lunch but there is more to do there, check out their pages. One thing though, make sure you’re not wearing flip flops and shorts, you will not be allowed in! Some of my mates had to go back to the car to change.

For me and my friends who were driving together, it was time to head back home… But for the rest of the squad, it was after party time back at Bertrand Cafe, in Maboneng. Like I said, they party hard. What’s life without fun though? We had an amazing weekend and even though we’re tired, it was sooooo worth it and I’d definitely do it again!!!

One thing I love about these outings is that you get to know people in your life even better and you solidify your friendships with them. I’ve come to learn that, friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things. Grateful🙏🏾.

Here’s to drinking to that🥂

This whole trip was organised by We The Locals. The package included everything…accomodation, food, activities…check them out for such packages!

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